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I’ve listed my favorite writing resources by category (though there’s plenty of overlap) to make it easier to find what you might be looking for.


Romance Beat Sheet- This beat sheet focuses on the romance arc in a story. Jami Gold, the creator of this beat sheet, explains all about the four main beats in addition to pinch points. Romances need to deliver on certain beats in order to meet genre and reader expectations. A+, highly recommend.

How to Avoid a Sagging Middle- Also by Jami Gold, this article will help you avoid a sagging middle in your stories. This ties in nicely with the concept of pinch points on the above beat sheet.


A Checklist for Deep POV- Looking to decrease your narrative distance? This checklist is for you, whether you’re writing first or third person POV.

Goals, Motivation, and Conflict

The Emotional Wound Thesaurus by Angela Ackerman and Becca Puglisi- Identifying your characters' backstories is key to understanding their wounds, fears, false beliefs, and needs. This is one of my favorite resources!

Writing Romance

Romancing the Beat by Gwen Hayes.- This book is amaze-balls. It’s a quick read, but it does a fantastic job of explaining what makes a romance a romance, and how to structure a romance arc. A+ resource, I promise.

Romance Tropes- This list of romance tropes is helpful when brainstorming story ideas and plotting.

3 Essential Elements to Crafting Believable Romance- This ties in with GMC. In order to craft a believable romance, you need to craft believable characters. This also ties in with The Emotional Wound Thesaurus above.

General Revising and Editing Resources

Revision Checklist- This post is a lifesaver! It can be used to revise, or if you’re really on top of things you can use it to prevent issues when plotting.

EditMinion- This nifty robotic copy editor reads any text you paste for weak words, passive voice, cliches, and other common mistakes. Not every instance of passive voice/adverbs/etc. should be eliminated, so YMMV.

Hemingway Editor- Like EditMinion, Hemingway Editor searches any pasted text for adverbs, passive voice, sentences that are hard to read, etc. It also gives you the readability of your text. Again, not every instance of passive voice/adverbs/etc. should be eliminated, so YMMV.

25 Things to Know About Writing the First Chapter of Your Novel by Chuck Wendig- A hilarious and true read about crafting an effective first chapter.

General Tips

-Do a ctrl+f search for instances of the following words and phrases: really, very, well, a little, that, and then, just, sat down (Is your character sitting up? You can likely say sit and leave it at that), stood up (ditto), just, etc. The same goes for filtering phrases like I saw, I felt, I wondered, etc.

-Most of all, be persistent! Happy revising!

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